Alex Gogoliev Art

Capturing Uncharted Experiences

Local Watercolor Artist Boulder Colorado

Over the years, my artistic style has undergone a profound transformation, evolving in close contact with my essence. It began with the precision and control of ink as my chosen medium, reflecting my desire for order and structure in both art and life. However, as I delved deeper into my creative journey, I found myself drawn to the unpredictable and chaotic nature of watercolors. This shift mirrored a personal growth, embracing spontaneity and the beauty in imperfection. Similarly, my thematic exploration shifted from darkness to light, symbolizing my own journey of self-discovery and the pursuit of optimism. My artistic evolution, like my essence, has unfolded as a journey from rigidity to fluidity and from shadows to illumination, reflecting the ever-changing landscape of my inner world.

Primal Elements Series

Staying in contact with the primal elements of air, water, and earth is of paramount importance as it reconnects us with the fundamental forces that sustain life on our planet. 

Air Element

watercolor 18"x24"

Water Element

watercolor and gouache 18"x24"

Earth Element

watercolor and gouache 18"x24"

Lonely Spaces

Art inspired by dark and isolating spaces. It shows the feelings of being in weird and foreign environment that we all sometimes experience on emotional level. 

These artworks offer an opportunity for contemplation and a deeper understanding of the quiet, lonely corners of the human psyche.

black ink 18"x12"

watercolor and black ink 18"x12"

watercolor and black ink 18"x12"

watercolor and gouache 12"x16"

Mystic Nature  

We, humans, we need nature. But does nature need us? I am not sure. May be Earth will shrug us all off some day.

I get a special feeling when I walk in the deep woods for long time, the feeling of being looked at. Even though I am completely sure I am the only one here. Have you ever got this special feeling?

watercolor and gouache 24"x18"

Dystopian Industrial Hellscape

Is this how we will end up? Wiping out environment for sake of green paper and numbers in the bank accounts? Min-maxing performance metrics of our fellow humans till their soul is crashed and there is nothing left but empty shells of whose sole purpose is to sustain the Misery Machine

Are we unique human beings or are we just items on a factory line, where someone's individual worth is measured only by the raw productive output they can spit out before getting chewed up by the gears.

watercolor and black ink 12"x16" | sold

watercolor and black ink 9"x12"

watercolor and black ink 9"x12"

Cosmic Animals

Ancient tales through out many cultures tell us about a cosmic animal carrying the world on its back. The animal might be different but the concept is universal. 

watercolor and black ink 9"x12"

Dark Art

There is a frightening feeling of being helpless in face of inevitable life forces and circumstances that are overwhelmingly powerful, indifferent and can crash you in a split second. We can be in this place while going through significant life changes and major transformations. If we can't overcome these life  challenges, then we can be stuck there for a while. Stuck in limbo.

As humans, we possess the ability to evolve and take on new roles, transforming ourselves in the process, ultimately emerging as someone different from who we once were.

watercolor and black ink 9"x12"

watercolor and black ink 12"x16"

A Bit Of Grim Humor

Two art pieces for dark humor enjoyers.  Good addition to your interior if you would like to highlight your witty and quirky personality or if you have special feelings to nautical themes and deep waters.

watercolor and black ink 9"x12" | sold

black ink 9"x12" | sold

Fresh Impressions

I cherish my children dearly, and it brings me immense joy to see them growing old enough to embark on adventures and explore the captivating world around them.

As we age, it becomes increasingly challenging to encounter new experiences and make fresh discoveries. But with each place they visit, it's like stepping into a whole new world, where the horizon stretches endlessly.

Thanks to my boys, I get to relive those forgotten moments and witness the wonder of discovery all over again.

watercolor and gouache 12"x16"

watercolor and gouache 9"x12"

Mushroom Inspired Series

Artists often find in mushrooms a symbol of transformation, as they sprout from decay and nurture new life. The intricate textures, vibrant colors, and whimsical shapes ignited my imagination and inspired me to work on this fairytale-like series dedicated to this magnificent life form

watercolor 16"x12"

 watercolor and black ink 12"x18"

watercolor and black ink 16"x12"