Alex Gogoliev Art

Capturing Uncharted Experiences

Alex Gogoliev Watercolor Artist Boulder Colorado

Welcome! My name is Alex Gogoliev and I am exited to share my story with you.

Local Watercolor Artist Boulder CO

I'm passionate about creating watercolor and ink art that captures those moments and feelings that are hard to put into words. What's interesting is that ink and watercolor are opposites – black ink excels in precise control and a sharp edge, while watercolor, on the other hand, leans towards fluidity and the graceful release of control. It is in the fusion of these mediums that my artistic style takes shape, allowing me to turn intangible experiences into captivating images.

I am a 35 year old father of two boys with a passion for genuine art. I moved to the US from Ukraine 10 years ago and live in Denver metro area.

Ever since I was a child, I've had a penchant for doodling on any scrap of paper within reach, constantly experimenting with various creative concepts. As I grew older, I began keeping a dream diary, gradually becoming entranced by the fascinating world of lucid dreaming. It became apparent to me that words alone were insufficient to truly convey the richness of my dreamscapes. This realization naturally lead me to combining my two interests and I started to capture these intricate, non-verbalizable experiences via art. Later this approach evolved to encompass a wide range of complex and indescribable life moments.

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